Meet Kyrie, our 2016-17 R.I. Champion


Kyrie has spent most of his life in the hospital being treated for short bowel syndrome caused by gastroschisis. When he was born, his intestine and part of his stomach were on the outside of his body. He has faced an uphill battle ever since. For the first two and a half years of his life, Kyrie couldn’t swallow foods, needed to rely on a feeding tube and vomited daily. Surgery — one of 13 he has endured during his four years — corrected his intestines so he can now swallow food and live more comfortably.

Kyrie still relies on a central line for nutrition, will struggle with chronic diarrhea and malabsorption for most of his life, and requires monthly checkups. Yet, this “old soul,” as he is often called, is a fighter. He and his family have found life-long friends because of Kyrie’s health challenges and are devoted to raising awareness about short bowel syndrome.

How donations helped Kyrie at Hasbro Children’s Hospital:  

Kyrie’s surgeon — and honorary member of his family — specializes in the treatment of short bowel syndrome and is one of the specialists supported by CMN Hospitals donations.

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